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World Class Performances on Asia’s Got Talent!

As I watch our kababayans perform in Asia’s Got Talent, there’s only one thing in my mind: World Class Performances! You really can’t help but feel proud for each and everyone of them and of course, the pride they bring for our country is immeasurable.


Here are the four acts from the Philippines:

El Gamma Penumbra: A Touching Tribute to Mother Nature

The way they move, cast shadows and dance to the rhythm of Colors of the Wind, gives me goosebumps all over. But when I saw the message they’re trying to send, tears fell from my eyes. The scenario from their act is really happening here in the Philippines.

Please see the video below:

Anggun: I actually promised not to cry tonight. What really made me fell in love with you is the fact that the possibility of messages that you can put is endless. Tonight, you raise awareness of how important the Mother Nature is. You know what? Our job as entertainers, we are here to entertain people but if you can – if we can raise awareness on subject that really matters, that makes our job more noble. And that again is a wonderful performance!


Gerphil Flores: Golden Girl Covers “The Impossible Dream”

A breathtaking and a mesmerizing performance from the stunning Gerphil Flores. You can really see the big leap from the auditions to the grand final performance which is really astounding!

David: My Golden Girl, you know, tonight the song is called Impossible Dream, you just made the dream possible. You absolutely killed it! I promise you… I promise you, the world is gonna know about you! That’s a promise.

Gwyneth Dorado: Awe-Inspiring Cover of “Titanium”

This 10 year old kid is a true diva! She can rock your world and she can mellow it down too every time she performs.

Melanie: Gwyneth, I’ve always adored you but now, tonight, I’m in awe with you. That was such an incredible performance, I absolutely love it. I remember, when you come out for the audition, you’ve always had this attitude and confidence but you really have blossomed as the competition’s gone on and tonight you were just incredible.


Junior New System: Crowd Flips for JNS!

Very entertaining dance routine from Junior New System! Funny, breathtaking, and epic performance from this group!

Vanness: BOOM! Junior New System, fantastic job! I love the energy. I love the technical difficulty of your dance moves. It was just flawless to me. It was amazing! That hanging time that you did up there with the post, come on! Great job! Did you guys enjoy that?

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Let’s show our support to our fellow Filipinos by voting for them. Here’s how we can vote:

SMS [Code] to 2929:]

Gwyneth Dorado: AGT3

El Gamma Penumbra: AGT7

Gerphil Flores: AGT8

Junior New System: AGT9

You can also vote on Facebook:

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“The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way is the one that achieves madness.”Mick Jagger



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