privacy policy

Privacy Policy

All About Virtual protects the personal information you share with us. Although, information is collected when you visit our page, we do not give away such information to third parties. Cookies are collected only to enhance and boost the loading of our pages when you decide to revisit us. You can easily opt not to have cookies collected from your browser by customizing the settings of your internet browser.

Content shared and posted on All About Virtual are gathered from a team of volunteer writers. Opinions shared by our writers do not necessarily reflect the stand and image of the whole blog itself. If, at some point, you come across content (information, image or video) that you think violates the law or you find offensive, please do not hesitate to give us a head’s up via e-mail at support[at]allaboutvirtual[dot]com. As soon as we receive this, we will assess the merit of your observation or complaint in a careful and fair due process and consider removing it from our page.

All About Virtual follows copyright laws and observes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998. This page uses viral videos from Youtube within the scope of fair use. If in case excerpts from articles and other literary works or personal and professional photos, meanwhile, have been used without the owner’s knowledge and permission, we will take it down as soon as owners of copyrighted materials inform us and give proof of ownership. If at some point, pirated copies of movies and music have been posted on site and we have been given notice by DMCA, we will promptly act on it. Repetitive acts on this will result on writers being blocked from ever posting on our blog.

Our privacy policy may change without prior notice at times as the virtual landscape changes. Please make it a point to check on it once in a while.

For queries, please feel free to contact us.