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AlDub Fever: Other talents of Yaya DUB

Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza, a.k.a Maine or Yaya Dub is the other half of the AlDub loveteam. She is loved by many, but we all know what’s associated with popularity, Haters with a capital H! She’s always being compared to others like Kathryn of Kathniel, Nadine of Jadine and Liza of Lizquen, believe me, I love all these three, I think they’re absolutely adorable but come on guys, give Maine a break! She just started her showbiz career last July 4, 2015. Almost a month and a half ago? I think it’s quite unfair to compare someone so new to others though I can say for a fact that she really conquered the Dabarkad’s hearts by storm.

Maine is tagged as the Phenomenal Dubsmash Queen but I assure you that’s not her only talent.

Check out what else she can do here:

1. Blogging

Not all people knows how to blog, especially if the technical aspect of it is included. Everyone can write but adding domain, hosting and whatnot is not that easy. She created her blog MaineMendoza.com on WordPress.org and the content on her site is amazing. Check it out.

2. Creating Poems/Writings

On her blog, she created a page for all the poems she created and it’s just lovely. Check it out here.

3. Singing

You want to hear her singing in her real voice, without fooling around? Check this video. This is from her Smule account.

Credit goes to Maine Mendoza and Chase Guyton

4. Playing Drums

Although she clearly stated on her YouTube account that this is her first time to play drums and it’s a flop, I still commend her. It’s not easy playing an instrument using both your hands, feet and brains.

5. Dancing

If you’re watching Eat Bulaga, then you already know that she can dance. Check out her performance on BulagaPaMore.

I’m really excited with what’s next for Maine. Hope she enjoys her showbiz journey.

Go Yaya Dub!




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