Survival 101 for Freelancers or Home-based Workers

A computer or laptop and a stable Internet connection are the two common tools you need if you’re for working online. But what if there’s a power outage or there’s a storm in your area? Or your Internet connection has gone erratic?

Here are some points to remember when such problems arise.

Take note of the tasks you need to get done. If you can, have printouts of the project description. If the project does not require you to be online like freehand drawing or article writing or audio transcription, having an offline backup for the job will mean, you will still be able to do it and finish it during daylight even if power is out. You can always upload them as soon as you can go online.take notes


Invest in a power bank or any other form of backup power supply. Since you are working online, you laptop and your Internet connection will be your lifeblood. It is important that if a power outage arises due to maintenance work or storm, you have a backup power supply to get you going despite the problem. Clients will understand if these circumstances happen but it would impress them as well if you show them you are ready and won’t cause delays to their needs.power supply


Get the mobile or landline numbers of your clients if possible. If power goes out or your Internet signal disappears, it would do good if you have other means to contact them aside from online messaging and calling apps and e-mails. When calamities happen, landlines still work at times so having your client’s landline number will be useful when you need to inform them why you are not clients


Have a go-to Internet café. When you experience erratic Internet connection, proceed to an Internet café so your work won’t get disrupted. When you are done with online work, call your Internet provider at once to fix the problem.internet cafe


Watch the news and read online updates regarding power outages and incoming storms and set a backup plan with your client before it happens. Tell your client of the situation in your area so they won’t be surprised if you suddenly go offline. Communication will always be the news


If you know that there is a possible weather threat or power and Internet problem coming, activate your e-mail account’s automatic response. Mention in your auto-reply that there is a storm coming or an expected problem with your power or Internet connection so you won’t have to worry if it suddenly responder


Go online as soon as the weather clears up and power and Internet are back. Inform your client of what had happened if you were not able to tell him or her beforehand and that you are available to work online online



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