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Unconditional Love: A Message From Marc Mero

A Late Mother’s Day Post.

What can a mother do for her own child? The answer to that is endless. Unconditional love, that’s what I call it. Never underestimate what a mother can do for her own child. This is a bit ironic coming from me knowing that when I was still a baby, my mom gave me to my grandmother. She was still young and indecisive during that time. She didn’t know what to do.

Growing up, I didn’t understand her. I felt unappreciated and vulnerable whenever the “mom topic” would come up. I don’t want to talk about her and sad to say, we really grew apart from each other. But now that I am a mother myself, I know how it is to feel young, pregnant and vulnerable. It made me understand her and love her more even with the flaws and everything.

Please don’t waste your time holding grudge because it won’t do any good. Hate doesn’t resolve anything. Spend some time with your mother. God was the one who chose them for you and He has his own reasons.

Don’t wait for the moment when you can’t tell her what you feel anymore. Let me give you an example here. Here is a message from former WCW and WWE, Marc Mero.

Marc: My mom would be at all my sporting events.  Let’s say I was playing football.  My mother would be on the sidelines, and let’s say the action on the field went one way, my mother would run along the sidelines and be like, “Marc, Marc, get ’em, get ’em.” “I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” I’d be on the field and we’d get in a huddle with the guys and they’d go, “Marc, is that your mother?” I’d go, “No, I never saw her before in my life.”

“But, seriously, you guys can relate to that, my mom she really empowered me to become special in sports.  See, the greatest gift my mother ever gave me, she believed in me.  I’ve overdosed on drugs on three occasions where I should have been dead, but I believe I was kept here for a reason.

“You show me your friends, I will show you your future.”  How do I know this? Because I hung out with losers, I became the biggest loser of them all, because I gave up everything I dreamt about as a boy, because of who I chose to surround myself with.

“My friends would drive me home at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning.  We’d be drunk and high in the car.  We’d pull up in front of the house and my buddies would go, “Marc, Marc, the light’s on.”  I’d go, “Oh man, my mother’s up.”

You see my mom wouldn’t go to bed until she knew her son was still alive.  I’d walk in and she’d say, “Hi Marc.  How was your night?”  “It was good.  I am going to go to bed.”  She’d go, “Can I talk to you for just a moment?” I’d go, “I’m tired, I’m going to go to bed.” She’d go, “Marc! I haven’t seen you all day and all night.  Can I please talk to you?”  I’d go, “Man, just leave me alone.  You bug me.”  I’d slam my bedroom door on the one person who believed in me.

I was on a worldwide tour and I was wrestling overseas in Japan.  After my wrestling match, I went upstairs to my hotel and I fell asleep.  There was a knock at my door at 3 o’clock in the morning.  I got out of bed, I looked through the safety window and I could see it was a Japanese promoter.  So I opened my door and he said, “Marc, you need to call home, there’s been an emergency.”

So I got on the hotel phone and I called back to the United States and I said, “Hey, what’s going on?”  He said, “Marc, I don’t know how to tell you this.”  I said, “Just tell me, what happened?” All of the sudden he starts crying.  He goes, “Marc, I can’t tell you.” I said, “Just say it.” He said, “Marc, your mother died.”

I just threw the phone down.  I ran out of my hotel room.  I took the elevator to the lobby and when the doors opened up, I just ran out into the street.  I was looking up and just saying, “Mom, I am so sorry.”

I flew home for her funeral and I was so nervous to walk up to her casket.  So I just stood way in the back and I remember I just kept thinking to myself, I’m like, “Mom, please wake up.  Please get up.  And then I finally got the nerve to walk up to her and she was so beautiful.  She was dressed in white, I mean she looked like an angel.  I said, “Mom, you are my hero.  Everything I am, everything I hoped to be was because of you.  You loved me so much.  You gave me a life.  You worked two jobs, you’re the only one that ever believed in me.”

How did I repay her? By getting drunk; by getting high; by getting stupid; by hanging out with losers, for what?  All she ever wanted to do was talk to me.  If you have a mother or a father, tell them how much you love them.  See, my whole life was about being rich and famous.  That’s all I ever cared about.  I had to win the race.  I had to win the race at the expense of my marriage, my family, my friends, for what?  To be all alone in this world?

That’s not how it’s intended to be.  Life is not about winning the race.  Life is about finishing the race and how many people we can help finish this race, how we can start being kinder to each other, how we can help the students who are going through adversity right now, how we can stop with the name calling and hurting other people.  Because in the end, it may be you that needs help to finish the race, because I learned what is truly important: how precious this gift of life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

You see, I no longer live in time.  I live in moments.  I’m not worried about tomorrow.  You see, it’s not what’s in your pocket that matters, it’s what’s in your heart that truly matters.  Love, love is just a word, until somebody comes along and gives it meaning.  You are the meaning.

Transcribed by TPA

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All I want to say right now is, “I love you ma.”




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