Mayweather Will Bring 25 Thousand Dollar Bling in the Ring

Floyd Mayweather Jr., is going into the ring to fight Manny Pacquaio this May in style!


According to TMZ sports report, the American boxer has ordered a set of customized mouth guards for the fight with a price tag of $25,000 a piece – a whopping million pesos each just to protect his teeth.

The said mouth protector is the work of New York based dentist and pro sports mouthpiece maker, Dr. Lee Gause.

These aren’t regular mouthpieces though. Thus, the very expensive price. These mouth guards have flakes of gold and diamonds in them. It also has real $100 bills snuck inside the mouthpiece!

Mayweather has been known for his flashy lifestyle with pictures of him on social media always with luxury cars and lots of money and other whatnots. So, it’s no surprise he decided to bring the bling in the ring.

pacquiao-mayweatherPhoto Credits: HBO




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