A Vibrant and Colorful City

Manila: A Vibrant and Colorful City

Moving vehicles, people walking, traffic fumes, heat and noise. This is Manila. It’s an utter ataxia. She may be clad in chaos but she carries herself beautifully . Everything moves. Everything flows.

Rizal Park, ManilaEveryone makes noise creating a sound that’s aurally distinct. To see and experience all these had put me to face the crowd, fight for space in public vehicles, endure the suffocating fumes, walk under a desiccating afternoon heat, suffer a blistered foot due to excessive walking and crossing deadly streets. And I brought myself home totally smoked from head to foot.

It sure sounds an ordeal to someone who is accustomed to order. But I discovered one thing that everyone rarely sees, the beauty of the place outweighs its flaws. It’s a city full of colors and rich in culture.



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