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Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Get Over Manny Pacquiao’s Entrance Song

Jimmy Kimmel surprised everyone last night by singing Manny Pacquiao’s entrance song for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and I have to say he sounded really good!

“What a great song! I’ve never heard a song that summed up my emotions. I was listening to it all day, can’t get it out of my head,” the American television host said and asked for a microphone so he could share his version of the song.

Here’s an excerpt of the video from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

He also jokingly said that translated in English the song means, “I’m gonna beat Mayweather’s face in!”

He also mentioned that he called a Filipino restaurant and sang the song to a Filipino guy who just answered the phone and the guy said Kimmel was good.

Several times in the show, he tried singing Pacquiao’s song over and over again and that brought cheers from the audience. It seems Kimmel really can’t get Pacquiao’s song out of his head.

The said Entrance song entitled “Lalaban ako para sa Pilipino” was released days ago and it was also directed by Pacman himself. Check out Pacquiao’s video and see for yourself. I swear I’m suffering from LSS right now!

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