Heaven’s Gateway: Sagada

Long trips and unpredictable weather are two things that usually defeat one’s desire to travel. Like it or not, visitng Sagada requires you to battle against these two traveller’s greatest enemies. And for those who triumphed, the reward is inestimable.The 13 hour butt-numbing bus ride from the country’s capital + weather that sometimes shows no sign of hospitality make every journey to this heavenly place a tough one.


Though considered a nice getaway all year round, weather changes sporadically and it may ruin your entire stay in the area. You’re lucky to witness the rising sun at Kiltepan Peak but sometimes, clouds and thick fogs conceal the sun’s presence. The unique location of the place makes it harder to foresee how the weather behaves.


Sagada Sunset

Did i mention that you will have to pass the country’s highest highway before reaching the place? it’s measured 7400 feet above sea level! You’ll be on an intestine-like road with distractive fogs and only guarded with knee-high barricades for roughly 6-7 hours.

Acrophobics will have to face their greatest fear. If heavy rain catches you during your journey, expect to see roads blocked with debris. The ride to Sagada itself is already an adventure. Yet, almost everybody survives this thrilling nightmare. So glad I did. Sagada Falls





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