Lost and Abandoned

Fortune Island: Lost and Abandoned

This tiny island, roughly 9 miles off Nasugbu coast, once bathed itself in gold, thronged by elites and used to be fortunate. Today, Fortune Island mirrors the disturbing face of abandonment. Nothing really occupies the place now except for some rubbish left elsewhere, transient houses with collapsed roofs and rows of pillars standing solidly against its rocky hill. Thanks to the latter. Without these colossal white painted columns, I don’t think the place will lure tourists.

Fortune Island sunset

Atop, the view deviates from a typical Filipino landscape. Adding the azure colored background, it is so Hellenic. For a moment, I thought I was in Santorini and my feet were standing next to the Parthenon in Acropolis. Then a rusting sardine can thrown carelessly on the ground caught my eye and brought me back to where my feet were left standing. It worries me to see such a beautiful place slowly being defaced by human’s carelessness. The garbage has outnumbered the trees in the island.


Fortune IslandIts current condition only proves that human presence is always a threat to nature’s vulnerability. If this continues, destruction will soon steal its spark.



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