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From Earth with Love: Carmaker Helps Teenager Send a Message to Dad in SPACE!

A carmaker achieved two feats last week when they made a teen girl’s dream of sending a message to her dad in space and at the same time making a new world record.

Stephanie’s dad works far away, specifically, the International Space Station! Because her dad is always away to do missions and experiments, she wanted him to know how much he is missed and loved and she did it in a big way.

Hyundai stepped in to make her wish a reality using their latest car model – Genesis. Some experts and a stunt team banded together for the big project. As they needed to write a message from Stephanie that can be seen in space, the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada became their canvas.

The Hyundai team took weeks to come up with the location and the best way to get the image laid out. They used the Global Positioning System technology to figure out the coordinates and from there laid out the track for the cars.  About 11 Hyundai Genesis cars drove in perfect synchronization and drifted with precision to draw the track image. After a while, they finally wrote “Steph ♥’s you!” It even resembled Stephanie’s handwriting.

Stephanie’s dad was ecstatic when he saw the message. He even sent a video to thank his daughter.

The message was 5.55 square kilometers in size – even way bigger than New York’s Central Park!

Guinness World Record has recognized Stephanie’s message and Hyundai’s project as the Largest Tire Track Image in the world.

See the videos below for the full story:

Hyundai: A Message in Space by HyundaiWorldWide

Hyundai : A Message to Space – Behind the Scenes



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