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How a Virtual Assistant Saved Humanity and Other Interesting Stories


So you’ve deall about virtual agentcided to become a Virtual Assistant – or maybe you’re still on the brink of deciding. Waiting, perhaps cautiously, for some random thought or whispered guidance through a commitment of considerable gravity.
Considerable gravity?You bet. You’ve done that desk job, worked those call center hours till you couldn’t tell night from day. You’ve lost your self-respect bidding below your value on online platforms. Not getting any younger, you instinctively feel the need for a career of purpose, of significance, something of…well, of gravity.



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Gravity – funny you keep mentioning it.


Wasn’t it Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending film Interstellar, where gravity was used not just as a plot device, but the movie’s overriding theme? And wasn’t it precisely through gravity that The Ultimate VA revealed himself – and in the end, saved humanity?

Wait! We were referring to “gravity” as a metaphor for significance and purpose, now we’re relating the actual Newtonian force to the significance of a VA? Well, consider Interstellar’s premise:


In order to secure salvation for a humanity marooned on a dying Earth, NASA must send a team of explorers to find a planet that can sustain life. Once found, it must then then send the remaining survivors of mankind to the located planet where life can begin anew. Simple enough, except that to traverse the distance between worlds would take thousands, millions of years, even at unimaginable sub-light speeds.


Enter gravity!


Beings that are referred to as “They” and who exist beyond the three dimensions we’re accustomed to, have created a wormhole – a gravitational anomaly that warps space and time and places a number of possibly suitable planets within a few years’ reach. What’s more, “They” have begun communicating to select individuals also through mini-gravitational anomalies, gently offering guidance and inter-dimensional virtual assistance in a bid to orchestrate the survival of mankind.

One particular individual, NASA pilot Cooper later discovers that he can interact with his daughter, his team mates, and ultimately himself, through gravity, which apparently is unrestricted by either space or time. Through a construct that “They” created, he can communicate with a younger and older version of his daughter as necessary.

The sudden realization that “They” and himself are one is simultaneous with Cooper’s embracing his role as the Ultimate Virtual Assistant – he must guide and assist his daughter beyond space, and beyond time, in solving the final riddle of gravity. It is this role that enables mankind to break free from the prison of a dying homeworld and take its place among the stars.


Interstellar is a work of fiction but it vividly portrays a Virtual Assistant’s journey of gravity, of significance.

While the tools of the VA trade don’t normally extend to extra-dimensional communications (a 2 MBPS DSL connection can only get you so far), you are doing work that is challenging, and at the same time, helps others achieve their goals.

While you may not have the resources of a futuristic NASA at your disposal, you do have Google, the Internet and various tools that several decades of a relatively young, burgeoning computer industry have produced.

And while your mission critical objectives aren’t as impacting as, say, the final fate of humanity, your commitment to work as a good Virtual Assistant – a VA of substance and character – is certainly a noble responsibility of significant…gravity.



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