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Virtual Entrepreneurship in Gaming industry

If you’re tired of your current job, hate fixed working hours and getting up early but you have some quality and knowledge you can bring to the table then virtual entrepreneurship can be perfect for you. If you know how to make funny and entertaining videos, know some programming language, know how to write engaging articles or simply like playing video games you can still earn money while doing so.

Virtual Gaming

There are different ways of earning money in the virtual, online world or starting an online business. If you’re a dedicated gamer and like spending a lot of time playing games, why not mix the work with pleasure. is one of the streaming services that offer any gamer means of becoming a gaming streamer which could possibly earn you a lot of money. If you’re a gamer you probably have a mid or high end gaming computer you don’t really have to invest anything. Free streaming software is all you need to start. Open broadcast software is one recommended by and is perfect for beginners and even professional streamers.

Once you’ve set up your stream, you need to be unique in the way you present yourself to the viewers. There are many guides online, but in general you need to be unique, fun and interesting to watch. Interaction with viewers and having a cam showing you play is recommended in building your fan base. It takes time to grow but once you’ve gathered your followers you could possibly earn hundreds of dollars on daily basis just by casually playing the games you love.

You might wonder how you can earn money by playing. It’s simple, because when you have enough followers and stream on regular basis, will offer you a contract enabling your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Five dollars per month is the usual subscription fee and viewers often subscribe to support the streamer they like. In addition you could set up a donation button linked to your Skrill or Paypal account for direct donations, and you could run a Youtube channel posting your highlights and edited video of your gameplay. Youtube also has a pay-per view contract that could enable you to earn money if your channel is frequent enough and popular.

So if you plan on making something out of your gaming skills and passion for gaming you should start immediately because the sooner you start the sooner you will start earning money. Good luck!



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