Tracking Facebook Timeline Views: Is It Really Possible?

Before there was Facebook, there was the old Friendster. It was also social media allowing you to find old friends, connect with them and see if you also have common friends. Friendster then also had an option to show the user who has viewed his or her profile. Facebook does not.

With Facebook having over a billion active users, some of these users are curious about one thing: to know who has scanned there timeline or looked at their profile page. But Facebook does not allow this. So, it’s no surprise that apps that allegedly can show users who viewed their profile have been appearing left and right.

On both the Apple and Play Store, a lot of apps offer this feature. But before the user can enjoy the said feature, he or she needs to first allow the application to access his or her profile or account. An article by Rajat Kulshrestha on trickseek.com even claimed that a Google Chrome extension called Profile visitors for Facebook is a legitimate way to do this. A user simply has to add this extension to the browser. Afterwards, the user has to log on to his Facebook account and from there, he or she will see a “Visitors” tab in between the name and the home button. Clicking this “Visitors” tab will apparently present you who have visited the user’s profile. The catch though? Only users on Chrome and users who have added this extension on their Chrome can enjoy this.

Users of this extension have expressed delight on its use. Some websites though discourage users from installing apps like these on their mobile or desktop browsers. Their warning: these apps might just want to gain access to your account. Remember, installing apps on your mobile phone or desktop won’t happen instantly. You have to allow the app first to see you profile or access your Wi-Fi. Some apps even require that it be allowed to access the user’s phonebook or album before that app can be downloaded and installed. So, once you allow an app access to your account, it can at once get your records. So, be very careful before thinking of allowing apps to access your account.

Some reports also say that since Facebook does not allow profile viewing, apps that offer this feature might just be some scam or a virus hiding in the guise of an app. There has been instances that some Facebook timeline got flooded by apps that allegedly can show you who viewed your timeline to the point that it has become like some sort of spam. So, once again, be extra careful. Even Facebook insist that they don’t let their users track who can see their profile. They even encourage users to report at once if they come across third-party apps of this sort.



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