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The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

The IC3 is a partnership deal between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and National White Collar Crime Center (NWC) with a goal of helping people in fighting internet related crime such as scams and online fraud. Its purpose is to receive, review and refer complaints regarding the cyber crime and then act accordingly by stopping the serious and valid cyber threats. The victims of cybercrime are given an easy to use reporting mechanism to alert the authorities of any suspicious activity or civil violations on the internet.

Since its establishment the IC3 has received many reports of various types of criminal internet activity such as online fraud in its many forms including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) matters, Economic Espionage (Theft of Trade Secrets), Computer Intrusions (hacking), Identity Theft, International Money Laundering and other internet associated crimes.

In 2012, the IC3 received reports totaling $525 million in damages to consumers and internet users. This is a serious problem and it is good that someone is addressing the issue and doing something to make the virtual world safer place. However online users are advised to be more careful about where they share their personal information because simple caution can prevent many internet related crimes and in most cases it’s the ignorance that puts you in trouble, not the expertise of internet criminals on the other end of the wire.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has a mission to receive, elaborate and refer criminal complaints and stop the rapid expansion of cyber crime. IC3 stated that their primary objective is to establish effective alliances with the industry. These alliances will allow the IC3 to gather intelligence more quickly and efficiently and help them in identifying and creating an aggressive, forethoughtful approach to combating cyber crime.



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