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Sold! Why Social Media Can Become an Asset for Real Estate

In the business of selling real estate, traditional marketing strategies like seller-to-customer sales talk remain strong. Even now going virtual is the best way to go, a lot of real estate agents still abound in shopping malls or busy streets and giving out brochures and flyers about a home or space they are selling. There is nothing wrong with this kind of marketing but why go just big when you can go even bigger and reach a wider audience using platforms that people, nowadays, can’t seem to live without – social media.


140-characters on Twitter may not be enough to let you talk about the property you want to sell but it is enough though to let you tease your followers or entice your followers to check it out. A catchy phrase like what airline company Cebu Pacific does when they have seat sales can be a good example. If you have an open house, for example, you can post on Twitter and put a geotag or show the exact location on where the open house is happening so they can see the property for themselves.


If you are a real estate agent, your LinkedIn profile can become a reference for potential buyers on how trustworthy you are as a seller. Investing on a property is expensive and before people decide to buy a property, they would want to buy or invest their money from someone they believe they can trust.

If you are an owner of a real estate company, your LinkedIn profile can show the stability of your business. Buyers want to invest on a property from a strong and reliable company and your LinkedIn profile can show this.


You can advertise without spending and you can do this via Youtube. Just record a video of the place you are selling and upload it on Youtube. In this manner, you can give target buyers a tour of the house without needing them to go out of the house and see it. Some buyers don’t have the luxury to go and personally look at the property they may want to buy but with the use of Youtube they can get a glimpse of it.


As of March 31, 2015, according to the Facebook Newsroom page, the social media platform has 1.44 billion active users each month. This number alone shows that using Facebook to post and share the properties you are selling can give you a wider reach without having to stay all day out of the office or under the sun in the streets. You can even do it in just a minute by posting a public status on your personal Facebook account and have it seen by the world while you go about your other tasks. You can even make your own Facebook page to showcase the properties you are selling and interact with potential buyers by replying to their inquiries on your posts – a sort of person-to-person sales talk done the virtual way.



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