Out of the Testing Pod: SoundCloud Podcasting Goes Public

Beta testing for podcasting on SoundCloud is officially over. Now, after four years, SoundCloud users can now enjoy the benefits of podcasting on the platform after having it tested by a handful of people.

According to techcrunch.com, SoundCloud users can opt to use its podcasting feature either free or paid. If you opt to try it for free, you get about three hours of audio uploads. But if you want longer hours, you have the option to pay $55/year. With this, you get audio uploads of about six hours each month. If you want unlimited audio uploads though, you will have to pay $135/year.

Aside from these choices on lengths of audio uploads, SoundCloud podcasting also generates RSS feeds of your podcast. These RSS feeds or text summaries can then be instantly published on iTunes to reach a wider audience and be noticed by other podcasting sites.

But that’s not all, podcasting on SoundCloud also allows users to share their track on the web with embeddable players. It even has Twitter cards to easily share your podcast stream to your followers. For a more interactive feel, it also has timed comments that allows hosts to check out comments on the podcast and reply to them.

To try this out, simply create an account on SoundCloud, record and upload a podcast episode and publish your feed.

SoundCloud has 175 million monthly users, according to its help page. The audio files available here can be accessed by about 200 countries.



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